Return OpenTX version

@status current Introduced in 2.0.0, expanded in 2.1.7


This example also runs in OpenTX versions where the function returned only one value:

local function run(event)
  local ver, radio, maj, minor, rev = getVersion()
  print("version: "..ver)
  if radio then print ("radio: " end
  if maj then print ("maj: "..maj) end
  if minor then print ("minor: "..minor) end
  if rev then print ("rev: "..rev) end
  return 1

return {  run=run }

Output of the above script in simulator:

version: 2.1.7
radio: taranis-simu
maj: 2
minor: 1
rev: 7



Return value

  • string OpenTX version (ie "2.1.5")

  • multiple (available since 2.1.7) returns 5 values:

    • (string) OpenTX version (ie "2.1.5")
    • (string) radio version: taranisx9e, taranisplus or taranis. If running in simulator the "-simu" is added
    • (number) major version (ie 2 if version 2.1.5)
    • (number) minor version (ie 1 if version 2.1.5)
    • (number) revison number (ie 5 if version 2.1.5)