Lcd Functions Overview


Lcd functions allow scripts to interact with the transmitter display. This access is limited to the 'run' functions of One-Time and Telemetry scripts.


The run function is periodically called when the screen is visible. In OpenTX 2.0 each invocation starts with a blank screen (unless lcd.lock() is used). Under OpenTX 2.1 screen state is always persisted across calls to the run function. Many scripts originally written for OpenTX 2.0 require a call to lcd.clear() at the beginning of their run function in order to display properly under 2.1.

Many of the lcd functions accept parameters named flags and patterns. The names and their meanings are described below.

Flags Constants

Name Description Version Notes
0 normal font, default precision for numeric
DBLSIZE double size font
MIDSIZE mid sized font
SMLSIZE small font
INVERS inverted display
BLINK blinking text
XXLSIZE jumbo font 2.0.6
LEFT left justify 2.0.6 Only for drawNumber
PREC1 single decimal place
PREC2 two decimal places
GREY_DEFAULT grey fill
TIMEHOUR dislay hours Only for drawTimer

Patterns Constants

Name Description
FORCE pixels will be black
ERASE pixels will be white
DOTTED lines will appear dotted